There are numerous scarecrow festivals that take place all around the world - However, very few take it to the level that the folks in the tiny North Yorkshire village of Kettlewell do - Here, the scarecrows are not just random figures on twigs, but recognizable pop stars, soccer players and even, royalty.

First held as a school fundraiser in 1994, the nine-day festival, which takes place annually in mid-August has become a popular event, attracting thousands of visitors from all over England.

This year's Scarecrow Trail included popular Swedish pop group ABBA, an entire soccer team, an old-fashioned telephone operator, a soldier and even a scene from the Royal wedding with Prince William and Kate posing in front of a faux cake.

While most of the exhibits were too cute to scare crows, there was a few that seemed to abide with the original purpose of building a scarecrow - Like this cork-faced bartender. And then there were others, that looked a little scared of all the crowds themselves!

To make the festival more fun, the organizers even award prizes for not just the best scarecrow exhibit, but also, to winners of the daily scarecrow treasure hunt. And the best part is, that all the proceeds from this fun festival are still donated to local causes.