Scuba diving, even in the warmest of waters takes some courage, not to mention focus, so as not to get lost or disoriented in the dark murky underwater world - So you can only imagine what it must take, to swim in sub-zero temperature waters surrounded by glaciers and, snap amazing pictures at the same time.

But that's what 52-year-old award-winning Swiss photographer, Franco Banfi, loves to do. The expert ice diver who has around 100 dives under his belt, has spent time snapping photos in some of the world's coldest waters including, the White Sea,as well as, the Arctic and SouthernOceans.

His latest endeavor that took place early in the summer of 2010, involved navigating his way through small underwater ice caves, that are created when glaciers in Switzerland's Sassolo Lake are just starting to melt, at the onset of summer.

Mr. Banfi says that though beautiful, the caves are very dark, especially when the ice above is really thick - so much so, that the ice diver need ropes to find his way out of the caves. The avid photographer knows he is risking his life every time he goes on an underwater ice diving mission but, his passion for taking the perfect picture far supersedes any feeling of fear.