Video Of The Week - Lego Man Goes To Space


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It seems as though Lego man are popping up everywhere - First there was the giant mysterious one that washed ashore in Florida and now this one that has 'flown' all the way to Space. Fortunately in this case, there is no mystery as to how he got there.

The Lego figurine's trip to space was engineered by two 17-year olds from Toronto's Agincoure Collegiate Institute. Inspired by a similar project undertaken by the students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad decided to see if they could successfully send cameras to near space and snap photographs of earth from a high altitude

The duo spent $400 USD and many weekends to figure out the launch of the Lego man that was fitted with four cameras. The stunning images taken from 78,000 feet above the ground, have made them and Lego man world famous!


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