While everything about the 2012 Summer Olympics was mesmerizing, some moments will forever be etched in our minds - Oscar Pistorius running on his carbon fiber legs, Michael Phelps celebrating his final swim and most of all, US silver medalist McKayla Maroney, scowling in disappointment!

The now famous expression that the 16-year old gymnast says was born out of the disbelief she felt at losing the gold medal to Romania's Sandra Izbasa after an uncharacteristic slip in the vault finals, may not have seemed to be the smartest thing to do, especially whilst on the medal podium.

But looking back, that is probably one of the most positive things that came out of the Olympics for this young athlete - That's because the expression seemed to resonate with so many people that it has turned McKayla into a mini-celebrity! So much so, that US Olympic soccer stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, along with countless others, even dressed up as Maroney for Halloween, complete with scowl!

But the true reach of her scowl was felt on Thursday November 15th, when the US gymnastics team arrived to meet with President Obama at the White House. According to the youngster they had just about completed their private visit with the President when he approached her and told her he wanted to talk to her about the face and then added, "I pretty much do that face at least once a day."

Then, he came up with an even more unusual request - To see if they could pose side-by-side and do it together. Though a little terrified, McKayla did agree and later declared President Obama as the coolest person she had ever met - Which says a lot given that the 'Fierce Five', only the second US gymnastic team to bring home the gold, have met with a lot of cool people since the games.

As for President Obama? He is thrilled because taking this photo with McKayla has established his 'coolness', with the two girls that are the most difficult to impress - His daughters, Malia and Sasha! Who do you think did a better job scowling? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below!

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