For some reason being home to the world's tallest skyscraper seems to be something every country is constantly vying for. Now, China too has joined the fray. However, unlike any of the other contenders it is planning to complete this amazing feat in less time than it takes most countries to design a structure - A mere 90 days!

Aptly name Sky City, the building is slated to begin construction in Changsa, South East China by the end of December and if all goes according to plan, ready for occupancy, by April 2013. When complete the 220-story skyscraper will stand 2,749ft. tall, or 32ft. taller than the current record holder, Dubai's Burj Khalifa. What's even more amazing is that if the developers are to be believed it will cost a mere 628 million USD or about half of the $1.5 billion USD spent on the Burj Khalifa, which took over five years to construct.

Spread over one million square meters, Sky City will employ 3,000 construction workers who are expected to speedily put up about five floors every single day. The structure will contain 5,000 residences, a hotel, a hospital, five schools and even office space that will accommodate up to 31,000 workers.

Though it may sound too good to be true, Broad Group, the construction company behind this project is known for its speedy jobs. The secret behind their success? Prefabricated blocks that are built offsite and then just put together in place at the actual building location. Earlier this year, they constructed a 30-story hotel in a mere 360 hours!

And, while the method may evoke suspicions of shoddy construction, the company is quick to assure any skeptics that its building is not only going to be extremely 'green' but also, strong enough to even withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake - Something that will hopefully never be tested!,