Search behemoth Google Inc. is always coming with exciting new inventions - First there was the self-driving vehicle and now, Google Goggles! While the name may appear a little goofy, if rumors of all the features they incorporate are true, the goggles are guaranteed to be one of the coolest gizmos to hit the market since, well sliced bread!

That's because the wearer of these slick futuristic shades will supposedly be able to do everything they can with their current Smartphones and more without, lifting a finger. Though nobody has seen them yet, rumor has it that they resemble Oakley Thumps and that besides protecting the eyes, they will also double up as cellphones allowing users to make calls and retrieve messages - Both phone and text.

Armed with Google's Android Operating System, the goggles will tap 3G and 4G networks enabling users to surf the Internet via a small discreet screen situated on one side of the sunglass lens. A GPS mapping capability will not only let the user know his/her location, but also, alert him/her about any buildings or areas of interest that may be close by.

And that's not all - A small low resolution camera that collects information and relays it to the side screen can also be used to take pictures. The coolest part is that barring a few buttons on the side, the goggles look and act like ordinary sunglasses and all the user has to do to activate and navigate through the cool features, is tilt his/her head stylishly.

While these are hints provided by the Google employees working on this super-secret product at the company's Project X laboratory located in Mountain View, CA, nobody else has been able to verify that the goggles are even half as cool as they sound. The good news is that we will not be kept in suspense for too long, because the shades are scheduled to be in shops before the end of the year - Hopefully, just in time for Christmas!