Video Of The Week - A Bird's Eye View Of Earth From Space


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One of the coolest things about orbiting around the Earth in the International Space Station must be the magnificent view, which changes almost every second. Now, thanks to sophisticated cameras these have been captured and compiled into a stunning time-lapse video for those of us not fortunate or old enough, to be astronauts.

Along your journey you will encounter white clouds, orange city lights and lightning flashes which, believe it or not, are thunderstorms lighting up the earth's skies. As you travel along the dark blue seas, you will encounter some colorful bands created by the parts of the Earth that are experiencing sunsets. As for the brilliant flashes of lights at the end of each sequence? That's just the sunrise being experienced by the other half - With a sunrise and sunset constantly occurring somewhere in the world, ISS residents get to see up to 16 of each every single day!


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  • theabout 11 years
    it looks like earths gonna blow!
    • glittergal
      glittergalabout 11 years
      Omg! So cool!
      • moyaabout 11 years
        that was incrable how the bird do it
        • abattack
          abattackabout 11 years
          that is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!
          • 15Bradabout 11 years
            This Is awesome to see Earth from a birds eye view I think it was very carring to do that because not everyone can is old enough or fortunate enough. I also think this was a great idea because no one has ever seen this before and now they can just read this article and it will feal like your exploring space. It is pretty amazing to see Earth from space and what looks like electricity up there is actualy lightning lighting up the sky that is so cool. I think this is very risk-taking because How to you get a space station in space and what if people don't care about this artical like they don't want to see Earth from space.
            • 19 Tannerabout 11 years
              That picture of earth is amazing. I never new that the Earth could look like that. It makes me want to go to the space station and see Earth from it. I can't believe little flashes would be lightning. I thought lightning would be the same size in viev wise. This connects to the IB learner profiles because the people how went up in space were risk-takers by going to the space station and risking thier lives. They were also open minded to think of the idea and to be abell to build a strong enogh camera to take the picture. I think that other people would be amazed by this articel and picture.
              • 4maxabout 11 years
                I like this news ouckerl about earth. this ouckerl is about earth and its vews and its fourm I never knew that earth changeds placies in evere second and alout of fuorms like lighton,sun set and butfoul days.
                • Girlabout 11 years
                  Awesome video I luv it <3
                  • BeASonnyabout 11 years
                    Looks like earth is exploding. Wow.
                    • huggybeartabout 11 years
                      just amaizing