Japan's Tsunami Debris Drags 'Alien' Creatures To Oregon

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When the powerful tsunami that devastated portions of Japan on March 11th, 2011 receded, it carried with it all kinds of debris - Ranging from over 200,000 buildings complete with belongings, to countless cars. Among the biggest, were four dock floats - the size of freight train boxcars, that were ripped off intact from the fishing port of Misawa.

One the barges was recovered shortly after off a nearby island. However, the other three were not seen until this week, when one suddenly washed ashore on the white sands of Oregon's Agate Beach. Not only had the 165-ton concrete and steel dock made an astonishing 5,000 mile journey across the world, but it had also carried with it, a diverse community of organisms ranging from algae to mussels, crabs and even starfish.

The problem with the arrival of these unexpected visitors is that they are all native to Japan. If allowed to live, they could threaten the local species and even topple the existing eco-system irreversibly. In order to prevent the aliens from taking over, the scientists had to scrape the dock clean, sterilize it with torches and even, bury the one and half ton material that was clinging to it, above a high-water line.

While that averted this particular threat, others may not be as easy to get rid of. Wakame, a species of seaweed that was previously found only in Japan has now been spotted in Southern California, as has a new species of algae. In addition to that, a never-been seen before tiny species of crab is making rapid inroads around New York, whilst a new kind of starfish has been spotted all along the US coast. What other surprises will the after-effects of the Japanese tsunami bring? Only time will tell!

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  • LUKEalmost 5 years
    • Logan paulalmost 5 years
      I wonder if there is and alien in that big container
      • jazielalmost 5 years
        thats sad just to think about it
        • Elialmost 5 years
          Tsunami can’t even push anything into the shore because it’s just a wave of water
          • rubythenarwhal
            rubythenarwhalalmost 5 years
            Actually, Water is one of the strongest forces on earth in my opinion. water shaped the grand canyon, after all! If it goes fast enough, it can push anything. not to be rude, but next time, Please do research.
          • Jackalmost 5 years
            The crate was super big and I don’t believe that the tsunami brought it to shore because it is to heavy to be pushed into shore
            • themath123
              themath123almost 5 years
              • charlie brownalmost 5 years
                • Poseidon almost 5 years
                  That tsunami had to be hit by some thing huge to create it. tsunamis are the worlds deadliest waves of all time. The only way to survive a tsunami is climb on the highest point or some how get behind it on a boat. Also that tsunami destroyed a lot.
                  • 15about 5 years
                    so scary. I mean you dont know where it cam from.
                  • karama
                    karamaover 5 years
                    i don´t believe that its aliens probable that its just a washed up house