Video Of The Week - Curious Shark Takes Off With Expensive Camera Rig



While sharks are known to use their sharp teeth to grab everything they can lay their eyes on, nobody every thought that an underground camera rig would make the cut. But, as Bahamas shark expert Jim Abernethy found out, nothing is safe from these curious fish.

The rather hilarious incident took place on July 17th, when Jim and a group of friends were filming 'This is your Ocean', a documentary dedicated to the fish species. On this particular day they had been following a tiger shark named Emma, when she suddenly seemed to decide that she had enough and took off with the $15,000 USD camera rig that lay at the bottom of the ocean.

Fortunately within a few minutes, Emma realized that it wasn't a tasty morsel and spit it back out. While Jim got real lucky, hopefully this will serve as a warning to all the divers that are filming these dangerous fish - it's not you but your equipment that may be at risk!

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                      thats a waste of money
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                        No it is not it collects a lot of money