You Will Never Guess What This Ultra-Cool Eco-Friendly Bike Is Made From


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If you are in the market for a new two-wheeler, you may want to consider this radical bicycle. The brainchild of Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni, the fully functional vehicle that costs just $10 USD to manufacture is crafted entirely from cardboard. And, incase you are wondering, it is water resistant too!

The bicycle enthusiast came up with idea after he heard about a working canoe that had been crafted from cardboard. However, when he proposed the idea to three engineers, they all assured him that it was simply not possible. Not ready to accept defeat, Mr. Gafni decided to try build one himself. However, the task at hand turned out to be harder than he had thought. For one, given that cardboard is normally used to make just boxes, there was not much direction on how to even get started.

While Mr. Gafni was able to get the design right, his biggest hurdle was creating a bike sturdy enough to carry a rider of almost any size and weight. After experimenting with several options he discovered that by using the Japanese principals of origami he could triple the weight bearing capability of the cardboard and therefore, make it strong enough to withstand a real rider. He then had to figure out a coating that would protect the bike in all kinds of weather conditions.

While getting it right took a few prototypes, the end result is a sleek two-wheeler coated with a finish that gives it the look and feel of lightweight plastic. The best part? It can carry a weight load of up to 485 pounds.

Mr. Gafni is now working with investors to get his cardboard creation into stores by late 2013. Given that it costs a mere $10 USD worth of material to make the entire bike, he believes that the finished product could retail for as little as $80-$90 USD, making it the coolest, cheapest, most eco-friendly bike in the world!


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  • gold3nglare
    gold3nglare6 months
    Who knew that cardboard had this many uses! I'm blown away.
    • earthling
      earthlingabout 2 years
      This invention is not only beneficial to the enviroment, it's also a great way to save money, and it probably works just as well as a regular bike.
      • bbualmost 3 years
        wow cool
        • Connorover 3 years
          • joelabout 5 years
            • jmanover 5 years
              I think that having a bike like this would be amazing.
              • Annaover 5 years
                that is really cool i think it is really hard and complicated to make that and you have to be really smart to make that
                • Alexover 5 years
                  I never knew that somebody could make something out of cardboard (besides boxes).
                  • poiover 5 years
                    • Liaover 6 years
                      Wow, that would be great!