The Saga of Peter Parker AKA 'The Amazing Spiderman' Ends With A Dramatic Twist!


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Ever since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spiderman, the nerdy bespectacled teenager/superhero in 1962, comic book lovers all over the world have eagerly awaited the release of each of his 699 adventures. And, while they knew that it would have to come to an end some day, nobody could have imagined the dramatic twist that current writer Dan Slott would come up with, in the 700th and final issue of the 'The Amazing Spiderman'.

Spoiler Alert - If you are an avid fan who has yet to get the comic book do not read anymore!

The first big surprise in the comic book that was released on Wednesday, December 26th, to commemorate Spiderman's 50th anniversary, is that the web-spinning hero is no more! He had one final run-in with arch-enemy Doctor Octopus aka Otto Octavius and this time around, the Doc won. And, it gets worse (or better)?

Before Parker's ailing body gives away, he performs one final good deed - Envelop the evil doc's brain with his memories - showing the villain what it really means to be a hero! By now you have probably figured out what all this is leading to. If not, here is the scoop.

Otto Octavius is the new Spiderman! However, since his ego is so big, he will want to be a much better superhero than Peter Parker and therefore will not be known as 'The Amazing Spiderman'. Instead, he will be called the 'The Superior Spiderman' and have his own set of adventures that Dan Slott and his team of writers are busy concocting up right now.

As to why Slott would create such a dramatic turn in one of the most popular comic book series ever? He simply wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the superhero with something dramatic and could not think of a better way to do it than combine the doctor's super intelligence, with Spiderman's powers and create a 'superior' superhero!

What will be interesting is if Doctor Octopus will still have a dark side to him! We for one cannot wait to see the new eight-legged spidey! What do you think? Be sure to let us know by adding your comments below!


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              spiderman should stay
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                    R.I.P Stan lee
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