Almost everyone old enough to read, does. Some people like to get deep into the book's every facet from knowing each character to following the plot line really closely and even, voicing their opinions about how they would have written the story. Others like to skim, that is, know just enough about the book so that they can talk intelligently, if questioned. The ironic part is both believe they have read the book thoroughly and the only the way to test which group you belong to is . . . by entering the DOGObooks James Patterson Kids Book Club Contest.

All you have to do is read the preview of James Patterson's latest blockbuster, Treasure Hunters and study the profiles of its four main protagonists - Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy Kidd - all of which, are provided as part of the James Patterson Kids Book Club. When ready, sign in to your account and pick any one of the questions and answer it. You can even do all three if you wish.

While you will be awarded some points for simply taking the initiative to enter the competition, most of the points are reserved for the details you provide when answering the question, which of course depends on how much attention you paid when reading the excerpt and profiles. The best part is that the contest is judged almost instantly, which means that if you are not satisfied with your first entry, you can try your luck (and reading skills) again and again! And while cutting and pasting all the information or copying someone else's entry may seem like a brilliant idea, we would caution you against doing so, because it will be detected and your entry, automatically disqualified.

As for the prize? Besides the bragging rights of winning a DOGObooks contest and being a deep reader, the contestant that scores the highest points for each of the three questions will win a full set of the James Patterson's Middle School books, as well as, his latest thriller - Treasure Hunters. In case of a tie, the contestant with the first entry will be declared the winner - So hurry and get your entry in, by clicking on James Patterson Kids Book Club, before it all comes to an end on October 31st, 2013.