Australian Family Sets New Record For Christmas Light Display


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With Christmas fast approaching, ornate trees and strings of decorative lights are popping up in neighborhoods all across the world. However, very few people go the extent that David Richards has, with his massive display that comprises of over half a million lights.

But then again, not everyone is trying to do what the Canberra resident is - claim the Guinness World Record for a second time. The Richards family won their first title when they created a similar display in 2011 using 331,038 lights. But their fame lasted only for a short period of time thanks to some New Yorkers who outdid them in 2012, with about 15,000 additional display lights.

Determined to reclaim the title, David emerged from 'retirement' in October and began the laborious process of building this astounding 502,165 light display, complete with a glowing reindeer and loud music. Though he achieved his goal, some of his neighbors who are still recovering from the 2011 display, are not so thrilled. Fortunately or unfortunately, since the lights are strung across David's property, there is not much they can do.

Besides the cost of the lights that took a month to put up, the family expects to incur an electricity cost of $2,300 USD for the month. Fortunately, their local power company has agreed to forgo the entire amount. And while David's primary reason for creating this rather overwhelming display has a selfish motive, there is a 'bright' side to it too - It doubles up as a fundraiser.

In 2011, the thousands of people that visited helped raise $72,000 USD for various children's charities. David is hoping that things will be similar, if not better, this year. As for future displays? He is certainly not ruling them out, especially if his title is challenged again!,

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