Look Ma, No Stains!


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How many times have you come home after a day of fun with your friends only to hear you mum tut tut about the stains on your brand new t-shirt? Now thanks to an ingenious invention by a San Francisco student, there is some hope - A t-shirt that repels almost any liquid that may try sneak its way down from your mouth. This means that you can come home every day and proudly declare - Look ma, no stains!

Aamir a university student majoring in entrepreneurship, began developing the fabric about a year and a half ago. His first prototype was created by coating a t-shirt with a hydrophobic spray. That however did not last long because the protective layer washed off, after a single wash. That's when he decided to incorporate tiny particles of silica, the same material that is used in umbrellas, into the fabric itself. Because the mineral is bonded at a microscopic level, it helps form a layer of air between any liquid dripping down and the t-shirt. This in turn causes the offending stainer to magically roll off, instead of seeping through.

The best part is that the material does not irritate the skin and according to the inventor, is completely safe to wear all day. Called Silic, it will retain its stain-free quality for at least 80 washes provided the user follows the care instructions. These include not using bleach or fabric softeners and washing it with like colors. In addition, it should never be ironed or dry cleaned, which is music to most ears. Lastly, to ensure that Silic retains its repelling qualities, Aamir recommends putting it through a tumble dryer cycle on low heat, at least every three washes.

The shirts, which will be marketed under the Vera Wang collection label will be available in black and white and expected to cost about $40 USD. If all goes well, Aamir hopes to have them ready to ship by May 2014!

Resources: dailymail.co.uk, kickstarter.com

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  • leiker1414
    leiker1414Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 1:08 pm
    Wow that's why I don't like white because I get it dirty every time I wear white. I NEED IT NOW!!!
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      I think it's cool too.👼
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            really really cool
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                😇 😇 😇 Super cool
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                  kid600Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 2:01 pm
                  YEAH AND IT IS ONLY 40 BUCKS
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                    bro....... AWESOME!!!!!!
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                      I NEED one now. I get too many stains on me D: