Ex-Paratrooper Shares Special Bond With Wolves


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Humans have been known to develop strong bonds with the most dangerous of animals - Kevin Richardson treats lions like kitty cats, Andre Hartman has a special bond with Great White Sharks and now there is 79-year old Werner Freund who has spent the last 40 years of his life, in the company of wolves.

While details about how and why the former Paratrooper became attached to these beautiful wild animals are a little sketchy, he has been tending and caring for them in his 25-acre Wolfspark located in the German province of Saarland, since 1972. While he currently has a pack of 29, over the years he has hand reared almost 70 wolves belonging to all breeds ranging from Siberian to Arctic, Canadian, European and even, Mongolian - All brought to his sanctuary by animal parks and zoos from around the world.

Just as is the case with the other amazing Animal Whisperers, the wolves treat Werner as if he were one of their own. They nuzzle against him, play with him and are generally very docile and submissive when he is around, just like they would be, around a head wolf!

This however, is not accidental - It is a position that Werner works on establishing and maintaining with a simple act, every single day - Whenever it's feeding time, he summons his pack to come for the raw meat, by howling. As the hungry animals rush to get their food, they are always met with this scene - Werner sinking his teeth into the raw hunk of meat first.

While this may sound a little gross that, is how the position of hierarchy is established in the animal world. It is always the alpha male that gets the first meal and only when he signals, can the rest of the pack join in. Werner's wolves know this rule quite well and never challenge his authority, on or off the dinner table!

While wolves, the largest member of the dog family, are believed to be dangerous, they rarely attack humans. Werner says that in reality, they are beautiful gentle souls, whose reputation has been tarnished, by fairy tales like Red Riding Hood!

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  • wolf8
    wolf8about 2 months
    I have a German Shepherd named Bella she is three years old and I also have a husky named Aura and she is nine reply to me!! They are great dogs
  • wolf8
    wolf8about 2 months
    I love wolves I too a test and my spirit Animal is a wolf duh I act like one at school at PE and just look at my name and my eyes in my avatar I am in 2nd grade and I am 8 years old almost 9 on June 6th
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      I have a husky wolf hybrid. Luv u Karma🐺
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        I love wolves
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          • wolf18
            wolf18over 1 year
            I love wolves. I would love to be this guy who got to be with wolves everyday tht is super cool. By eating the raw meat, he is showing tht he will do almost everything for his pack.😍
            • wolf18
              wolf18over 1 year
              OMG! I want to be this guy. To get to hang out with wolves and spend time with them everyday is a dream come true. I love wolves with all I am, but eating raw meat is a little gross, but so cool in a way. Something tht I would never do, but I admire tht the Ex-Paratrooper will do anything for his pack.😍
              • dark_wolf_alpha
                dark_wolf_alphaover 1 year
                Have you read a book called ''A wolf called wander'' and its about a wolf that grows up in a pack then gets lost WARNING : wolves die in it
                • mutantenderman
                  mutantendermanalmost 2 years
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                    hermioneginny20over 2 years
                    I love wolves! I recently read a book called Julie of the wolves. it was great, its about a girl who gets lost and she finds a pack of wolves, who take care of her.