Homeless Man's Honesty Pays Back In Spades


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On February 9th, 2013, Kansas City resident Sarah Darling was walking along the street when she encountered a homeless man by the name of Billy Ray Harris. Instinctively, she reached into her change purse and emptied out all the coins she had into his collection can. Little did either realize that this small act of generosity, would change their lives forever.

It was not until the following morning that Sarah realized that not only had she given Billy all her change, but also, her platinum and diamond engagement ring that she had placed in her change purse earlier, because it had been bothering her finger. She and her husband Bill Krejci, rushed to the see if they could locate Billy, hoping against hope, that he would confirm her suspicion about where she had misplaced her precious jewelry. Not only was the homeless man in the same spot, he also, immediately returned the ring. The grateful couple paid him back for his honesty by emptying out their pockets of all the cash they had - about $60USD.

However, Bill Krejci, a web designer felt as though he needed to do something more for this amazingly honest man especially, after the story went viral and hundreds of people reached out to see how they could help Billy. So on February 18th, he set up a special page for him on fundraising site Give Forward with a goal of raising $1,000USD in 90 days. In just four days, the donations have ballooned to over $85,000USD and there seems to be no end in sight yet.

If that is not enough, Billy is off the streets and currently living with an unnamed samaritan. And that's not all - Thanks to all the media coverage, he was reunited with his older brother, Edwin Harris who he has been unable to locate for 27 years. Not only did the two talk for 45 minutes on the phone, but Edwin is also planning to come get Billy in mid-March and take him to his home in Lubbock,Texas.

All this good fortune just because Billy did the right thing - Return something that did not rightfully belong to him. Honesty is definitely the best policy! If you want to donate some of your allowance to better the life of Billy Ray Harris or just keep up to date with how this heartwarming story ends, check out giveforward.com/billyray.

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  • happypandagal1
    I hope he lives a happy life!:)
    • pinkkitty9
      pinkkitty9over 2 years
      wow, thats amazing
      • pusheenicorn
        pusheenicornover 2 years
        That is so amazing!!! And I'm glad that he was reunited with his brother. 😊
        • chocolate168
          chocolate168over 3 years
          Wow, that was awesome. Honesty is just wonderful!
          • 234about 4 years
            This is one of the best artcles I have ever read.
            • Hiover 4 years
              Plz help this guy
              • Erikover 4 years
                heart-breaking to know that IN AMERICA we have those people who sit on the curb pleading for money I think we should make a change about that. It is sad to me to know that but also good to hear a man who might need the money of the ring, to hear that he gave it back makes me warm inside. I like the fact that the gave it back without knowing if they would reward him or not, and that he gave it back with no arguing.
                • Calebover 4 years
                  awsome story
                  • Helloabout 5 years
                    That is an amazing story
                    • bustyabout 5 years
                      we are taking about homeless people you shoud do it to