Michael Oher (center) with Collins Tuohy (in black) (Credit: Tulane Public Relations/CC-BY-2.0 /creative commons.org)

Amidst all the hoopla about the Harbaugh brothers being pitted against each other in Super Bowl 47 and the fact that it was Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis's last game, there was one celebrity who went completely unnoticed - The team's offensive tackle, Michael Oher! For those that are drawing a blank, he was the inspiration behind the 2010 Hollywood blockbuster, 'The Blind Side,' for which Sandra Bullock received her first Oscar.

For those not familiar with the movie, it was a heart-warming true story about Michael Oher's life. Born to a woman with drug and alcohol addiction issues, Michael bounced around from foster home to foster home neglected and unloved until, he met a Memphis couple by the name of Sean and Leah Anne Tuohy, who took him into their home and eventually adopted him. In addition to showering him with unadulterated love they also, nurtured his talent for football.

It is no wonder that the young boy blossomed and upon graduating from high school received football scholarships from not one, but several Universities. While the movie, which was based on Michael Lewis's book - The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, ended when he decided to attend the University of Mississippi, the alma mater of both his adopted parents, Michael's successes did not.

While at Ole Miss he had a fantastic playing record and was even bestowed the honor of all Southeastern conference lineman. It was no wonder that he was the first draft choice for the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. What's even more amazing is that this young boy whose education had been severely neglected during his early years graduated with a degree in criminal justice.

The icing on the cake, of course, came on Sunday, February 3rd, when Michael and his team won the coveted Super Bowl championship. Cheering him on were not just his adopted parents, but also, his film mother - Sandra Bullock, who has remained a close friend of the family, since the movie. Also watching on television from Memphis, Tennessee, was Michael's birth mother Denise Oher, who says she was always sure her son was destined to do great things! Time for an equally heartwarming 'Blind Side' sequel? We sure hope so!

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