To declare to be Best Friends Forever (BFF) is easy - All one has to do, is say it loudly and exchange a bracelet or two. However, a true BFF is one that helps out when the other is in trouble, not just once or twice, but for an entire lifetime, if needed - That is the kind of friend that six-year old Milo has become for his best buddy, Eddie, who recently lost his eyesight.

What makes the relationship even more special is they are not humans, but dogs - Milo is a mixed breed Terrier and Eddie a seven-year-old Labrador Retriever. Brought up together in the loving home of Angie Baker-Steham in Cardiff, Wales, the two spent many years playing together.

However last year, Eddie suddenly started walking into trash cans and walls and then soon, lost his eyesight completely. That's when Milo, intuitively sensing something was wrong, decided to take on the role as Eddie's full-time 'guide' dog.

Today, he leads Eddie through the house, holds his leash when they go for walks and seeks him out, when he strays away. Angie says they did not realize how much Eddie depended upon his friend until recently, when Milo had to spend a few nights at the hospital himself.

Poor Eddie was totally lost, constantly bumping into house walls and furniture and even worse, becoming disoriented during walks. Luckily, Milo is now fine and back at his BFF's side, guiding him through life again.