Why Fueling KLM Airplanes Invokes Fast Food Cravings!


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If you are planning to fly from New York City to Amsterdam aboard KLM airlines sometime soon, you may want to bring along some fried catfish or fries - Not because the airline has decided to stop feeding its passengers, but because mixed in with the normal jet fuel is cooking or biofuel, from the kitchens of Louisiana!

The six-month experiment that involves fueling the planes with a mix of 25% biofuel and 75% traditional jet fuel, is the first time a major airline is making a serious attempt to reduce its carbon imprint.

And though using the fuel mix for flights across the Atlantic is new, KLM has been doing it for many years on their shorter commuter flights between Amsterdam and Paris.

While it is impressive that the airline is trying to help reduce air pollution, what is even more so, is that it is doing it at the expense of its own profits - Because believe it or not, the cooking oil costs them thrice as much as traditional jet fuel. This is largely due to the fact that it has to be refined thoroughly and prepared a certain way, so that it doesn't damage the engines.

And in case you are worried that the smell of the fried Louisiana catfish will haunt you through the long flight, don't be. Apparently, only the poor maintenance crews fueling the airplane, smell the oil that sends them dashing to the nearest fast food restaurant. Still, bringing aboard hot steaming French fries is never a bad idea, is it?

Resources: news.yahoo.com, greenaironline.com

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