Earlier this week, the world got a whiff about the formation of a spectacular new frozen waterfall in China's Jilin City. However, this hunk of ice that sits on the side of a building, is not a natural wonder, but a manmade version created unwittingly, by an apartment resident.

The chain of events leading to the creation of the icy wonder began sometime last year, when a developer who wanted to raze down the residential building and replace it with a shopping mall, appeared at Wen Hsu's doorstep and made an offer buy his apartment. But, while he managed to convince every other resident in the building, the 58-year-old who has lived on the seventh floor for 35 years, was not happy with the price being offered and refused to sell.

However as winter approached, Hsu began to fear that the lack of heating in the floors below would cause the pipes to freeze, leaving him without hot water. In order to prevent that, he decided to leave his hot water tap running for the entire winter. But Instead of letting it drain in the sink, he diverted the liquid down the side of the building.

This ingenious idea not only helped him get through the winter comfortably, but also, resulted in creating a spectacular, albeit temporary frozen waterfall on the building's side. An added bonus? It has brought his plight to international attention and city officials are now urging the developer to pay him market price for his apartment. This is definitely music to Hsu's ears, because being the only resident in the big apartment building is getting to be a little lonely!

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