Video Of The Week - First Dog Goes On An Easter Egg Hunt

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One of the most fun Easter traditions is the egg hunt. And while most of you have probably just completed yours, the youngest member of the White House, first dog Bo got to go on his, in mid-March. Not only that, he was all alone, which meant that he did not have to jostle with anyone, for the eggs.

If you think that is lucky how about the 35,000 kids and their families that will be making their way to the White House to participate in the 135th Annual Easter Egg Roll today. In addition to receiving special commemorative eggs, they will also play fun games, eat yummy food and be entertained by an impressive lineup of costumed characters that include favorites like Dora the Explorer, Clifford the Red Dog and the Power Rangers. The highlight of the day of course, will be the chance to hang with the first family.

Happy Easter!

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