Peddler's Creamery Uses Human Power To Churn Out Delicious Ice Cream


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There are thousands of artisanal ice cream shops that churn out delicious organic frozen treats everywhere. So what makes Los Angeles based Peddler's Creamery so special? They do it the 'green' way, by making the frozen treat, using human pedaled power!

Edward Belden, the entrepreneur behind the idea is passionate about three things - biking, ice cream and being as green as possible. Therefore, it was not surprising that after taking an ice cream making class at the University of Wisconsin, he decided to combine all of them and Peddler's Creamery was born.

The first rendition of the ice cream shop was a mobile cart on wheels - However, the freezer fitted behind the tricycle, was not filled with some pre-made treat, but fresh ice cream that was being churned freshly as Edward and his friends literally 'pedaled' their ice cream at local events.

Not surprisingly, the fresh creamy concoction made from organic ingredients proved to be a giant success, leading to the opening of the first Peddler's Creamery shop in Downtown Los Angeles, earlier this month.

While Edward may not be churning his ice cream on the go anymore, it is still made in the same manner, using stationary bikes.

When flavors start to run low, employees hop on to old Schwinn bikes that are hooked to ice cream churners and cheerfully pedal away.

While it may sound like a lot of work, according to Edward, creating a 5-gallon container of ice cream takes only about 3-4 miles of riding. Following that, it is transferred into a serving container and placed in the freezer for about 15 minute before it is ready to be consumed. The best part is, since the bikes are placed right at the entrance of the creamery, customers that want to work off their ice cream before they eat it, are encouraged to help out with the pedaling.

And while this may sound a gimmick, Edward is truly trying to decrease his carbon footprint with his ice cream making technique without compromising the quality. This is amply evidenced by the fact that his creamery is in compliance with Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Standards - The highest possible green building design.

This is not the first time human energy released by bikers is being harnessed - Green Gym in Portland captures the energy exerted by exercisers to power their equipment, whilst the Crowne Plaza in Copenhagen, hands out $44 USD meal vouchers for customers that generate 10 watt hours of electricity (the equivalent of 10-15 minutes of pedaling).

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