If you are like most people, at some point or another you have been caught humming some mindless tune which might even be catchy enough to be a super hit if only, you could turn it into a musical composition - Now thanks to a brilliant app called ScoreCleaner, you can!

The brainchild of researchers from Sweden's KTH Institute of Technology, all the app requires the user to do is download it onto their smart phone and use it to record the tune.

ScoreCleaner's software will translate the key, tempo and time signature into a musical notation that can be played by anyone that knows how to read music.

And the melodies can of course be shared with family and friends - not just in sheet form, but also, as the original tune. The secret behind ScoreCleaner's accurate melody creation is based on extensive research into how people interpret music. For those that can read music, the app even has the option to create a directory, that lists each piece by the first few notes.

And while the ScoreCleaner app is one dimensional in that it understands and writes only simply melodies recorded on it by the creator, a desktop interface offers a more robust option - One that can translate more complicated passages of music with multiple notes. All the user has to do is connect a midi synthesizer to the computer and the program will magically write out the music complete with pitch and note values.

Currently, available only for iPhones, the app, which was released earlier this year, is already a super hit in its home country of Sweden especially with educators and professional musicians. Ready to record your million dollar jingle? Check out scorecleaner.com.

Resources: kth.se.com,psfk.com