New York City streets are jam-packed with similar-looking yellow cabs. Some however, are better than others. In the past, a few lucky people have struck it rich with the Cash Cab. While that is history, there is now a sweeter kind of jackpot waiting to be claimed thanks to the Candy Cab - A free candy store on wheels filled with all sorts of delights, ranging from Skittles to Milky Ways.

Mansoor Khalid, a taxi driver, started handing out candy in 2012, following the death of his one-year-old son, who suffered from a heart defect. While his son was in hospital, Mansoor often took coffee and treats for the nurses and observed how happy these small gestures made them.

Wanting to feel some joy again he began putting a couple pieces of candy on the passenger seats, just to see their faces light up. Those few pieces soon became piles and piles of candy, as Mansoor Khalid realized that the sweet treats made everyone smile and 'Candy Cab' was born! The generous man who spends over $300 USD each month on the goodies, says that seeing his customers happy, makes his job more fun.

The sweet retreat begins as soon as the passenger step into the cab which has a sign that reads, 'No eating or drinking inside this car. Except candies.' Khalid then encourages the rider[s] to plug in their iPods and chill inside the cab that is fitted with an intricate lighting system and filled with mountains of candy. The enterprising driver even offers a free ride to any passenger that can finish all the candy that he puts in front of them - So far, no one has been able to step-up to the challenge.

Not surprisingly, Mansoor Khalid gets plenty of smiles and hugs and also thousands of warm messages and videos on his overflowing Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. But the best part about the Candy Cab is that you don't need to rely on luck. Interested passengers can simply request it by sending him a message via one of his social media pages and they will be picked up at no extra cost. So, the next time you are in New York City, see if you can spot or even better hire, this real-life Candyland on wheels!