Given that most of the work is done by machines, doing laundry is relatively effortless. Yet, most people hate the chore with a passion, which is probably why this new shirt unveiled by American apparel company, Wool & Prince, is generating so much interest.

According to Mac Brown, the entrepreneur behind the idea, the button-down formal shirt can be worn for 100 straight days without washing! Of course, any shirt can be worn for that long, if odor is not an issue. However, the Wool & Prince shirt is different because it remains as fresh smelling as it was, the first day it was donned. And if that is not enough to get you jumping off your seat, how about this? It never needs ironing, because it never wrinkles.

While that may sound magical and even impossible, the manufacturer is quick to assure, it is neither. The secret to their success lies in the raw material used to make the shirt - Wool as opposed to cotton.

Not only are wool fibers about four times stronger than cotton, but thanks to the natural crimp, they also do not wrinkle as easily. But more important than that, especially in this case, is that the fiber is better at allowing moisture to escape. Because apparently, sweat in itself is not smelly - It just gets that way when in contact with the human skin. Therefore, the fact that the fabric allows it to dissipate gives the shirt the 'super power' to stay fresh after so many wears.

To prove their claims, the company that spent six months creating this new Cotton-Soft wool material, dispatched their testers to do all kinds of things from backpacking in the Andes to dancing in crowded New York nightclubs. They all attest that the shirt remained really fresh. As for the no-iron claim? One of them repeatedly crumpled it into a ball and stuffed it into his backpack - And, it came out nice and crisp, each time!

Whether real users will feel the same way remains to be seen - But before they can do that, they will have to come up with $98 USD which is the current selling price on fund-raising site Kickstarter. The company hopes to use the funds collected to begin manufacturing the shirts for the mass market. And in case you are wondering, if things go well, Wool & Prince is planning to introduce other clothing including, similar attire for women.