With the eagerly awaited 'Man of Steel' finally in theaters this weekend, the iconic superhero with the signature red cape is very much on every fan's mind. It is therefore not surprising to hear that one recently paid a whopping $175,000 USD for a comic book featuring the fictional character - And, he seems to have gotten it a 'bargain' price!

As you have probably guessed, this was no ordinary edition of the Superman comic book, but one from the coveted Action Comics #1 collection - The first ones published after the world's inaugural flying superhero was created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Illustrated by Canadian artist, Joe Shuster, in 1938. Given that only a 100 of these are believed to still exist every copy, is worth a fortune.

While the rarity makes them precious, according to Stephen Fisher, CEO of ComicConnect.com, which conducted the auction, the comic book's value also stems from the fact that Superman was the first fictional character with magical powers, helping pave the wave for creation of future superheroes.

The rare copy, which was discovered by Minnesota construction worker David Gonzalez among old newspapers inside the ceiling insulation of a house that he was restoring, would have been worth even more had it not been for a squabble between him and his wife's aunt over the comic book. According to David, it resulted in him accidently tearing the back cover of what had otherwise been a pristinely preserved copy. As a result, the issue was graded only 1.5 out of the maximum of 10 by used comic book collectors.

While David lost out on some money, that is exactly what the unnamed buyer was looking for - Not because he/she wanted to own a torn copy, but because had the comic book received a higher grade he/she would have had to fork out over two million dollars. For believe it or not, that's what Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage received for his pristine copy that he sold in 2011. The ironic part is that the men who created this moneymaking superhero received a paltry sum of $130 USD when they sold the character to Detective Comics in 1938!

For all you, this is yet another validation that comic books are good for you! They not only make your smarter, but could also make you rich! Be sure to check out the video below of the first Superman episode that aired in 1941 and a preview of the upcoming Man of Steel.

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