Video Of The Week - This Is Brain Surgery?

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Mention brain surgery and images of a patient lying deeply unconscious with doctors carefully trying to cut through the nerves, comes to mind. However, this certainly does not seem to be the case if you watch this week's video, where the doctors and patients both look busy - One working on the brain, the other, happily strumming on his guitar!

Filmed by the UCLA team of doctors on May 23rd, the surgery - the 500th of its kind, was conducted to implant a brain pacemaker into the patient's skull to try combat the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease. While the patient was put to sleep at the start of the surgery, he was awakened half way through the procedure, to perform a number of tests to gauge coordination and mobility - And since Brad Carter is a guitar player, there was no better way to test his fine motor skills and figure out the optimal place for the pacemaker then by asking him to strum a tune or two! The best part? Carter's guitar skills showed immediate signs of improvement!

Gives a new meaning to the term 'It's like brain surgery' doesn't it?


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