Not too long ago, South Korean conglomerate LG Corporation pulled off a funny prank that involved the floor of an elevator seemingly collapsing beneath the feet of their riders to demonstrate the lifelike quality of their new IPS monitors. Now the company is at it again, with a new prank that made the witnesses believe that the world was about to end!

The stunt that was supposedly staged in Chile, South America, involves some unsuspecting nervous individuals that had been summoned for a job interview. As they are talking to the superior, they see what appears to be a meteor crashing down on earth. It is so realistic that most interviewees are seen running for the door screaming in terror. It is of course later revealed that the 'window' with the gorgeous view was actually a high-definition IPS screen and the people being interviewed were just watching a recording of an apocalyptic scene.

As with the previous prank, there is some debate about whether the whole commercial was staged using actors or whether these are the genuine reactions of unsuspecting individuals. Whatever it was, it sure make for some hilarious viewing!