Los Angeles-based alternative rock band OK Go first rose to fame in 2006 with the release of the music video of their song "Here it Goes Again". While the song was good, what made it special was the fact that the four musicians performed the song, whilst dancing atop fast-moving treadmills. Viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube, the video became one of the year's biggest hits and even won a Grammy.

Since then, the band's music videos have become even more anticipated then their songs. And the group has never let their fans down. Everyone of their releases have been unique and beautifully choreographed. This latest one that was released this morning for the band's new single "I Won't Let You Down", is no exception. Filmed in Japan, it features the four musicians riding Honda's personal mobility vehicles alongside 2,400 umbrella twirling dancers. Masterminded by creative director Morihiro Harano, the mesmerizing video and catchy tune is guaranteed to have you looking for some umbrellas to twirl around with!

Resource: mashable.com