The 26-Year-Old Who Has Been Performing a Good Deed Every Day Of The Year



Every New Year, millions of people make a resolution only to see it fall by the wayside within a few months, weeks, or even days. However, 26-year-old Luke Cameron is not amongst those. After losing a close family friend known for her generosity to cancer in 2013, the young man vowed to do at least one good deed a day, for 365 days - and he has not missed yet.

The Gloucester resident performed his first good deed on January 1st, 2014, with the simple act of greeting a waitress at a cafe he visited. The next day he bought food and drinks for some homeless people and followed it up by donating coins to a woman who did not have enough to feed a parking meter. Though most of his kind gestures have been welcomed, Luke says there have been a few awkward situations - like when he was attempting to give away a £20 bill to an elderly lady whose granddaughter was skeptical of his intentions or the time he bought a sausage roll for a homeless man who happened to be a vegetarian.

The majority of Luke's good deeds, which have been meticulously recorded in an online diary, have been about helping people with small things - like taking out the garbage for an elderly neighbor or spending a few hours helping a disabled lady pick out a dress for a party. However the young man has also spent close to £4,000 (British Pounds) of his own money, buying groceries or gifts for the children in need.

To try encourage others to perform good deeds, Luke has created a deck of cards. Called "Cards for Kindness", each suggests a simple act of kindness - things like giving a stranger a hug or making peace with an enemy. The best part is that all the money he collects from distributing the decks is donated to the British Heart Foundation, a charity that is near and dear to him, because of a heart ailment he suffered when he was young.

Luke's generosity has not gone unnoticed- to reward the young man as he nears the end of his journey, Dominos recently awarded him a year's supply of free pizza. Not surprisingly, the big-hearted youngster has decided to use the gift to hold special pizza days for charity.

And that is not all - his kind deeds also won him a competition for the job of "National Philanthropy Manager." Described as "The Nicest Job in Britain", the year-long position for which Luke will earn £35,000 (the most he has ever earned in his life), entails assisting 45 different charities with fundraising schemes - a skill that comes naturally to the young man who plans to continue performing good deeds well after the initial 365 are done, on December 31st, 2014.


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