The 26-Year-Old Who Has Been Performing a Good Deed Every Day Of The Year


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Every New Year, millions of people make a resolution only to see it fall by the wayside within a few months, weeks, or even days. However, 26-year-old Luke Cameron is not amongst those. After losing a close family friend known for her generosity to cancer in 2013, the young man vowed to do at least one good deed a day, for 365 days - and he has not missed yet.

The Gloucester resident performed his first good deed on January 1st, 2014, with the simple act of greeting a waitress at a cafe he visited. The next day he bought food and drinks for some homeless people and followed it up by donating coins to a woman who did not have enough to feed a parking meter. Though most of his kind gestures have been welcomed, Luke says there have been a few awkward situations - like when he was attempting to give away a £20 bill to an elderly lady whose granddaughter was skeptical of his intentions or the time he bought a sausage roll for a homeless man who happened to be a vegetarian.

The majority of Luke's good deeds, which have been meticulously recorded in an online diary, have been about helping people with small things - like taking out the garbage for an elderly neighbor or spending a few hours helping a disabled lady pick out a dress for a party. However the young man has also spent close to £4,000 (British Pounds) of his own money, buying groceries or gifts for the children in need.

To try encourage others to perform good deeds, Luke has created a deck of cards. Called "Cards for Kindness", each suggests a simple act of kindness - things like giving a stranger a hug or making peace with an enemy. The best part is that all the money he collects from distributing the decks is donated to the British Heart Foundation, a charity that is near and dear to him, because of a heart ailment he suffered when he was young.

Luke's generosity has not gone unnoticed- to reward the young man as he nears the end of his journey, Dominos recently awarded him a year's supply of free pizza. Not surprisingly, the big-hearted youngster has decided to use the gift to hold special pizza days for charity.

And that is not all - his kind deeds also won him a competition for the job of "National Philanthropy Manager." Described as "The Nicest Job in Britain", the year-long position for which Luke will earn £35,000 (the most he has ever earned in his life), entails assisting 45 different charities with fundraising schemes - a skill that comes naturally to the young man who plans to continue performing good deeds well after the initial 365 are done, on December 31st, 2014.


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  • 10032162
    100321623 months
    very lucky
    • 10032162
      100321623 months
      • lucasslayy
        lucasslayy3 months
        This is so nice
        • luketheawesome
          luketheawesomeover 1 year
          Lucky!!! He got a WII and a lifetime supply of pizza 🍕!!! Being nice has its perks...
          • goodvibesonly09
            goodvibesonly09almost 2 years
            We all need to be like this!
            • wolfiedream
              wolfiedreamalmost 2 years
              Imagine if everybody was like this! The world would be a good place without pollution or hunger. Everyone could help make a difference by doing this and the world would be peaceful.
              • sky_dragon
                sky_dragonabout 2 years
                That's awesome! That person is an inspiration!
                • rip_rora
                  rip_roraabout 2 years
                  We need many more people like him in this world maybe when people realize that just doing something good for someone it not just makes them happier but you aswell!
                  • roxanne3
                    roxanne3about 2 years
                    That's very inspiring, I wonder if he is still doing this?? My new years resolution will be to try to do a good deed every day like him. It might be hard because of COVID and because I'm only 12 and don't have much money to help, but I think I can do it!! Remember, it's the small things that count!!
                    • greeniextea
                      greeniexteaabout 2 years
                      These are the good people we need.