Chinese Scrapyard Workers Build Life-Size Transformers From Metal Junk


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If you ever happen to be in China's Shandong Province, you may want to seek out this remote scrapyard that lies a few miles outside its capital city Jinan, especially, if you are a Transformers fan. That's because this rustic area is home to every Autobot you may know - from Optimus Prime to Bumblebee and even, Megatron. And we are not talking miniature versions either, but life-size Transformers complete with limbs that move!

The amazing masterpieces are the result of the creative mind of 21-year-old Li Hung who wanted to make something 'eye catching' from the thousands of discarded metal parts lying around. The public relations and marketing student who works there part-time, believed that creating something spectacular from junk would help draw more customers to this remote scrapyard.

He was not wrong. His first full-size Transformer that took a few days to build, drew in hundreds of people from across the province. Encouraged by his success, Hung decided to add more to the collection.

This time around he was joined by his coworkers. Within 4 months, the team managed to assemble 40 massive Transformers, all of which now stand tall and proud in the middle of a large courtyard, within the scrapyard. The largest, measures a whopping 60-meters (196-feet) tall and weighs about 5 tons.

What is astounding is that the team never sketched a single detailed drawing of any Transformer they were planning to create. They simply printed a picture and began building, using whatever discarded metal parts that were available.

Not surprisingly, the once unknown scrapyard has become a popular tourist destination with hundreds of people making the trek daily, to admire the amazing giants. And in case you are wondering, Hung and his team are happy to sell any of their masterpieces for a mere 100,000 Yuan (about 16,000 USD) each!


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    It's amazing how creative that can they be!!!
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      It's amazing what they did
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        transformers are the best because they can transform.
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                i love transformers make a new one
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                  that is so cooooooooooool make one in my backyard
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                    Go Autobots.
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