Photo Credit: CBS Miami

It's May, which means that millions of students around the country have or are getting ready to receive their college diplomas. Grace Bush is one of them. The only difference? Grace is just 16 years old. Yes, that's right - at the age when most teenagers have not even completed high school, Grace has graduated from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a minor in Spanish. What's even more astonishing is that the brilliant girl received her high school diploma from Florida Atlantic High School on May 9th, a week after her she had graduated from college!

Grace's unique situation was made possible thanks to FAU's policies that allow motivated students to take high school and college courses, simultaneously.

While pursuing two diplomas would have been enough to keep most kids busy, Grace, who graduated with a 3.86 grade-point average, seemed to even find time to play flute for not one, but two orchestras!

Though this youngest FAU graduate in over a century has attracted national attention with her unique accomplishments, for Grace, this is just normal. That's because the young genius, who is the third oldest of nine children, comes from a family of overachievers.

Her 19-year-old sister Gisla, who is currently pursuing a master's degree in urban planning, also graduated at 16, while her 17-year-old sister Gabrielle, is already pursuing her master's degree and is scheduled to graduate from FAU, this summer.

Grace's education began when she was a mere toddler. She learned how to read by snuggling close to her two sisters while they were being taught and was proficient by the time she turned two. From then on, her mother, a self-proclaimed 'full-time home-school teacher', decided to include Grace in all the school sessions she had with the older siblings. Not surprisingly, by the time she turned 13, the homeschooled girl was ready for high school and college!

And the young lady is far from done yet. She plans to return to FAU in the fall to pursue a master's degree in public administration, for which she has been awarded a fellowship to cover the cost of tuition. Following that, the young girl wants to obtain a law degree and pursue a career that she hopes will end as a judge on the U.S. Supreme Court, where she plans to lead peace efforts! We have a feeling she will be able to achieve all that and a lot more! Good luck Grace!