For those of us who believe that all ice cubes are created equal, here is some enlightening news - They are not. At least that's what the folks at California's Gläce Luxury Ice Co, would like us to believe. The Davis -based company asserts that the ice cubes they manufacture are healthier and last longer than the ones that we pop in our drinks on a daily basis. In addition, the company also claims that their ice cubes do not leave behind an after-taste in drinks, like regular ones do.

In order the create these unique chunks, Gläce Luxury begins with water that has been cleansed of the 150 impurities and carcinogens that the company asserts exist in regular ice. They then freeze it in large blocks. Once ready, the ice is carved into perfect spheres and cubes each measuring 2.5 inches across. Besides being healthier, these luxury ice cubes apparently also take longer to melt. The company says that each spherical Glace ice cube can last up to 30 minutes, while the G-cubed shapes remain frozen for as long as 40 minutes.

Of course, luxury like this does not come cheap - Those that wish to have a taste of this 'tasteless' frozen perfection, will have to fork out a whopping $325 USD for a bag of 50 ice cubes - In case you are wondering, that comes to $6.50 USD for a single cube of ice!

The unique product is the brainchild of Robert Sequeira, a former business school lecturer who said that he wanted to establish a niche, but profitable business that could be easily scaled. Given that he can manufacture as much Glace Luxury ice as he needs for as little as $0.12 USD per cube, the idea certainly meets the criteria. Now, if he can find the select few people that can afford to buy this luxury ice, life would be great!