2014 Scripps Spelling Bee Crowns Co-Champions


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This has been an exciting year for the 89-year-old Scripps National Spelling Bee. First there were the Missouri kids that exhausted the spelling list and had to have a rematch and now, two finalists who pulled off the same impossible feat in National Harbor, Maryland. This time around there was no second round. Instead, both were declared winners.

On May 29th, Sriram Hathwar, an eighth-grader from Painted Post, New York, and Ansun Sujoe, a seventh-grader from Fort Worth, Texas, were crowned co-champions after they spelt the last two words from the list - stichomythia and feuilleton accurately. The victory was particularly gratifying for Sriram given that this was the 14-year-old's fifth attempt at the Bee. The young boy who finished third last year and sixth in 2011, also had a close call at this year's final. During the final round, he stumbled on the word corpsbruder (a close comrade), opening the door for Ansun to win the coveted title.

Fortunately, Ansun, a 2013 semifinalist, was also unable to spell his word - antegropelos (waterproof leggings). Given that they were the only two left and had misspelt words in the same round, the contestants were allowed to continue and make history by becoming the first Scripps National Spelling Bee co-champions since 1962 and only the fourth, since it began in 1925.

In addition to that, the co-champions who each took home $30,000 in cash, also helped continue the eight-year winning streak of contestants of Indian descent. Can someone spell 'SWEET'?

Resources: spellingbee.com, npr.org

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  • alizehover 8 years
    • Nerdygirlover 8 years
      • pigloveramazing
        pigloveramazingover 8 years
        • xpert524
          xpert524over 8 years
          They are so talented
          • 56steps1
            56steps1over 8 years
            Wow! I find it really amazing that these boys can spell really hard words. I wonder if they can spell supercalerfriderlisticexpialadocious ( I think that's how you spell it). I want to congratulate them for putting in heaps of effort and having a go at everything. I really hope that maybe they will go next years's spelling bee. That would be awesome! They'll probably be the finalist! Thirdana
            • 56steps1
              56steps1over 8 years
              That must have been amazing, I can't believe 14 year olds can spell such hard words! I haven't even heard of any of those word mentioned in the article and yet some young boys can spell them! They must be really smart and practise their spelling daily. Those boys should be really proud of themselves. -Gabby
              • KPover 8 years
                I wish I am a good speller like them
                • r14g5almost 9 years
                  Entering the Spelling Bee and competing is a lot of work. You need to bee a good speller.
                  • avatarjoshalmost 9 years
                    good job ansun
                    • 2020
                      2020almost 9 years
                      It must be so hard to get in a spelling bee since they changed the rules so you need to know the definition of the words.