While illusions that trick the eyes are pretty common, ones that fool human ears are relatively rare. That is the reason this experiment conjured up by the scientists at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute for their new exhibit 'Your Brain', is so intriguing.

It begins with the user listening to a filter-altered sentence that sounds like gibberish. Then he/she gets to hear the sentence the way it was meant to be heard, followed by the same gibberish sounding words that had been played initially. Funnily enough, this time around the originally undecipherable sentence, makes perfect sense.

According to Franklin Institute Chief Bioscientist, Jayatri Das, who spearheaded the brain exhibit, the reason behind this magical transformation is that the human brain recalls prior information and uses it to make sense when presented with the gibberish version of the sentence, the second time around.

Not convinced? Click on the link or video below and you will realize that your brain has the same uncanny ability to recall past information.

Click Here To Trick Your Ears

Impressed? Then you may want to visit the permanent exhibit that shows the amazing ways in which the human brain works, the next time you are in Philadelphia. Among the more than 70 exhibits is the 'neuroclimb', a two-story tall climbing structure with interactive lights and effects that makes visitors feel as though they are inside the human brain.

Also fun is the 'Turn Your World Upside Down Experience'. Visitors who are invited to buckle up in what appears to be a normal room, suddenly feel as though their entire world has turned topsy turvy. Of course it is not the room that is being flipped over - just the screen that is placed in front of the guests. However, the human brain does not quite perceive it in the same way, leading to the upside down room illusion.

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