Marvel Superheroes Come Together To Help "Stomp Out Bullying"


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Many of Marvel's superheroes know how it feels to be bullied. Hence it is not surprising to hear that this October, the biggest and bravest of them are coming together to commemorate National Bullying Prevention Month, with a series of variant covers on their comic books.

The special edition series that will only be available in comic book stores, depict what every bullied kid has always wished for - a superhero coming to his or her rescue. There is the Incredible Hulk comforting a football player who is being taunted by bigger teammates, everyone's favorite Rocket Raccoon hanging out with a 'not so cool' kid who is eating lunch alone and the fearless Guardian Gamora, who is spending time with a lonely girl, wistfully watching others having fun.

Meanwhile, Starlord comforts a young boy by confessing that he too was once a victim of bullying, while Captain America comes to the rescue of a student being harassed in a school hallway.

The coolest thing about each of these comic book covers is that none of the superheroes are using their special powers. They are just comforting or 'hanging' with kids who are lonely, victims of verbal abuse, or feel like they don't fit in. The message here? Kids who demonstrate kindness and compassion are also superheroes!

You too can mimic your favorite superhero by just standing up for a fellow student who is being bullied, inviting a lonely classmate into your circle of friends or simply, provide a sympathetic ear to someone in need! Remember, if each one of us becomes a superhero to just one kid, we can all help "Stomp Out" the bullying epidemic that experts estimate affects one in every four kids!


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