Video Of The Week - Wingsuit Skydivers Set New Formation Record


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Photo Credit: Mark Harris/Skydive Paris

On October 17th, 61 wingsuit skydivers from a dozen countries arrived in Perris, California for one purpose - To shatter the skydiving record for the most wingsuit divers in formation while in freefall, set by 42 jumpers in June.

The daredevils leaped off three airplanes that were flying at an altitude of 13,500-feet. Each then 'flew' to take his/her predetermined spot to create a perfect diamond formation. At about 5,500 feet, the divers scattered in different directions to ensure everyone had enough flying space, before opening their parachutes and landing gracefully on the ground below.

Photo Credit: Skydive Paris

The latest record comes on the heels of the biggest sequential skydive formation - One in which divers hold on to each other. That title was claimed by 202 Skydive Perris members who made the leap at the same location on September 29th (2nd video).

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