Loyal Giant Pyrenees Stands Guard Over Canine Buddy Hit By A Car


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Photo Credit: Julie Fennell/Facebook

On Sunday, November 8th, Dallas resident Samuel Flores was on his way to breakfast when he noticed a Giant Pyrenees standing on the grassy pavement vigilantly watching over the lifeless body of another dog.

Flores reached out to local animal rescue association “No Bully Left Behind” for assistance. He was soon joined by the organization's founder Julie Fennell and one of its volunteers, Jessy Faiferlick. The two cautiously approached the Giant Pyrenees that was occasionally licking his dead friend as if trying to coax him to wake up.

Though he initially resisted, the canine, who was later identified as Brian, appeared to realize they were trying to help and finally agreed to get into Fennell's car. However, even as Fennell was taking Brian to the Dallas Animal Shelter, he kept looking through the window toward where his fallen companion had been lying. The poor dog, of course, had no idea that the team had picked up his dead friend as well.

Photo Credit: Samuel Flores

Since Brian did not have a collar or embedded microchip, it took some time for the rescue shelter to locate its owners. Meanwhile, though, thanks to the moving picture of Brian standing guard over his friend that Flores posted on his social media pages, the animal shelter was inundated with calls from people wishing to adopt the loyal dog.

Fortunately, they were able to locate its worried owners who had been searching for Brian and his one-year-old companion, Marley all day. Turns out that the two friends had escaped through a garage door left open by mistake. Fennell says that judging from the trail of blood on the road, Marley, a Tan-Shepherd mix had most likely been hit by a car. She believes that Brian had not only dragged his buddy to the side, but also, patiently stood guard for almost six hours before Flores stumbled upon the two.

Though Brian has been reunited with his loving owners, the Dallas Rescue Center has many dogs that are still looking for good homes. The center's officials hope that this story will encourage more people to adopt these amazingly loyal animals.

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  • shaniahope
    shaniahopeTuesday, October 27, 2020 at 1:39 pm
    R.I.P Marley... :(
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