Tired of Running? You May Want To Give 'Crunning' A Try!


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Photo Credit: Crunning /Facebook

Every few years comes a fitness trend that has people scratching their heads in amazement. 'Crunning' will probably be one of them. In case you are wondering, the 'c' stands for 'crawling.' Yes, that's right, the new sport entails two-legged humans running on all fours!

The bizarre idea is the brainchild of Melbourne resident Shaun McCarthy. The 34-year-old is convinced that it will revolutionize fitness as we know it. According to the sports enthusiast, “The only thing that crunning's changed about fitness… is that it’s changed everything about fitness.”

Photo Credit: Crunning/Facebook

Mccarthy has no scientific evidence to prove that crunning is more efficient than traditional two-legged running. However, he believes it is a more efficient way to exercise because it puts an emphasis on the shoulders and arms, providing a complete body workout. Mccarthy also says crunning seems to tire him out more. He, therefore, concludes that the eccentric exercise is a bigger calorie burner than normal running.

While experts agree that crunning may provide a better workout, many are not sure if it is the right exercise for humans. Fitness coach Kevin Dean says we are not built to be on all fours, and our wrists are therefore not as strong as our ankles. He believes crunning, which he calls a fad, could result in bad wrist and shoulder injuries, not to mention broken noses.

Photo Credit: Chinanews.com

But McCarthy is not worried. Since the release of his crunning video a few weeks ago, many Melbourne residents have been seen scampering around on all fours. As it turns out, they are not the only ones. In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, crawling, a much slower version of crunning has been a favorite activity for many years. According to some enthusiasts, the light exercise that is believed to date back two thousand years to the Han Dynasty helps cure back and spine ailments.

Ready to give crunning try? Then Mccarthy recommends investing in some good shoes, hardy gloves and most important of all, a face mask!

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  • mattybbbbb
    mattybbbbbalmost 5 years
    Love crawl man
    • b jackoabout 5 years
      really its crawling not "crunning"
      • gymnast_7806
        gymnast_7806about 5 years
        No, it's "crunning" because is a combination of 'crawling' and 'running'
      • nikki21
        nikki21over 5 years
        I like the music
        • killerover 5 years
          so funny
          • Seagulls stopover 5 years
            Running is much more fast it would be better to stick with what we were made to do
            • Brennaover 5 years
              I think crunning is a great way to exersize!!!
              • robover 5 years
                • jello2625
                  jello2625over 5 years
                  there's no way im doing that ill stick to running
                • moneyover 5 years
                  hope there pants don't fall down if they do that's humiliating for them and no one will do that because are pants might fall down and you need to burn a lot of calories and go get a hotdog.
                  • Anonymousguy123over 5 years
                    That was very strange