Video Of The Week - New York Park Boasts Ice Volcano And Frozen Waterfalls


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February is usually not a busy time for New York's Letchworth State Park. However, this year the park has been inundated with visitors trying to get a glimpse of its new albeit temporary attractions - an ice volcano and two frozen waterfalls.

What makes them special is that neither will be here when spring arrives. The "volcano" is the result of water from the park's 50-foot tall pressure-fed fountain freezing in its tracks, due to the record low temperatures the area has experienced this year.

Similarly, the park's 107-foot middle falls, and the 70-foot upper falls normally sparkling blue waters now resemble beautifully carved snow sculptures. What makes the sight even more mesmerizing is the river that continues to make its way through a narrow channel over the upper falls.


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  • mabout 6 years
    i love it it even has a ice volcano and ice water falls!!!!
    • mabout 6 years
      • goldenbones542about 6 years
        were`s all the ice
        • najjionabout 6 years
          this is the best articl
          • ms10753
            ms10753over 6 years
            WOW double W0W triple WOW...............
            • Titaniclover17over 6 years
              WHAT!!?!??!?!?? An ICE VOLCANO?!?!?!?! That's awesome!!! Normally volcanoes are exploding with lava!!
              • snowqueen89
                snowqueen89over 6 years
                That is amazing!
                • artistisabel
                  artistisabelover 6 years
                  Wow Don't read this... I think it's awesome and it DOES look like a water fall so stop being a downer because this story is awesome!
                  • Movie star over 6 years
                    I have only one word to say OMG
                    • Don't read thisalmost 7 years
                      It doesn't even look like volcano.