Fake Orca Summoned To Scare Astoria's Sea Lions


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Sea lions are causing havoc in Astoria, Oregon (Credit:maxpixel.net/CCO)

The Port of Astoria in Oregon is battling an unusual challenge - how to rid the area of the over 2,300 sea lions that have taken up residence on the piers, without harming them. That's because while the squabbling pinnipeds may be adorable to look at, they are a nuisance and extremely destructive, especially in such large numbers.

The ever increasing population of the animals has caused 100,000 USD in damages to utilities and docks, just this year. They have also cost the city thousands of dollars in lost income from boat owners who previously used the docks to anchor their boats. Also, the mounds of feces that has to be cleaned on a daily basis is not just expensive, but also a health hazard. However, the biggest issue with the sea lions is the rate at which they are consuming salmon. In addition to hurting local fisheries it could decimate the area's fish population if not stopped in time.

To persuade the unwelcome guests to leave, port officials have removed a few docks and strung brightly colored surveying tape to stop them from leaping onto the two that still have boats tied to them. Last month, they lined a small area of a sea lion occupied dock with electrified mats. Designed by Virginia's Smith-Root Fisheries, the mats are fitted with parallel cables that are placed four inches apart and carry a positive and negative charge. When a wet sea lion or even just its flipper comes in contact with the two cables, it completes the circuit, resulting in a small jolt of electricity, that is more annoying to the animal than harmful.

Unfortunately, the mats that have been effective in scaring sea lions perched on ocean oil rigs did not work as well here. Not only did they fail to deliver shocks to dry pinnipeds, but they were also not potent on the wet ones. The company believes the lack of salt in the water weakens the conductivity of the charge, resulting in extremely weak electric shocks.

Fake orca whale was built to scare the sea lions (Credit: Peter Marsh/nwyachting.com)

While Smith-Root Fisheries attempts to solve the issues, Astoria port officials are preparing to try a new low-tech technique - introducing a fake fiberglass "Willy" to scare the sea lions away. In a few weeks, a 16-ft-long remote-controlled orca will be spotted traversing the area of the Columbia River the sea lions have taken over. To make the killer whale appear as 'real' as possible, it has been equipped with acoustics that sound similar to what the animals croon in the wild.

The fake orca belongs to Terry Buzzard of Island Mariner Cruises, who uses it to promote his business during parades and events. Buzzard says that when he heard about Astoria's problems, he decided to call the port officials and see it they wanted to try using the marketing prop to scare the animals away.

This is not the first time a fake whale has been summoned for this job. In 1996, a similar one was anchored in the waters of Puget Sound to scare the sea lions that were devouring the already dwindling supply of steelhead at Seattle's Ballard Locks fish ladder. However, the wily animals were smart enough to realize that the fiberglass structure was an impersonator and refused to budge. Will a slightly more sophisticated version - one that moves and sings like the real whale be more effective? Astoria's officials and the fishermen and boat owners that reside in the region, sure hope so!

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  • adroit_avimimus
    Hmmm well I'm glad the town isn't losing so much money now.. I mean, if they just let the sea lions bathe in the sun, the cost for damages would just keep stacking to the point where it's just not possible to keep them anymore, spending even more money to get the orca.. But at least no one was hurt!
    • summer_beach
      summer_beach10 months
      That Orca sub is cool, but I think there are better ways to get rid of the sealions. Maybe they could put a pokey material on the deck, or a fake polar bear ect...
      • sandywitchover 3 years
        they are spending to much money when they can just let them relax in the sun.
        • ianabout 4 years
          they are thinking one step ahead
          • Wowabout 4 years
            They live in the sea but they don't look like lions
            • lykaabout 4 years
              sea lions should have the rights to be were they want.cool for life😎✌😕😍👌
              • Hiabout 4 years
                Sea lion rights
                • orcas for lifeover 4 years
                  The sea lions should just find some rocks to lie on not the Port of Astoria! BTW Orcas Rock!!!!!!
                  • mmkalmost 5 years
                    It is a health issue for sea lions to be taking people's docks to themselves because they leave dangerous bacteria behind and it is very dangerous.
                    • COCOalmost 5 years
                      SEA LION DOCK NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!