Swedish Blood Donors Receive A Text Message Every Time They Help Save A Life


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Swedish donors receive a text message when they help save a life (Credit: publicdomainfiles.com)

Most people think about donating blood. However, very few actually do it. According to experts, though almost 50% of the US population can be counted as potential blood donors less than 10% ever give. What's worse is that even the most consistent ones donate an average of just three to four times during their lifetime. Though these statistics pertain to the US, the situation is similar worldwide. Now the officials in Sweden are trying to to reverse the trend with the help of modern-day technology.

The subtle encouragement to donate again begins shortly after the donor leaves the clinic when he/she receives a "thank you" text. Though that certainly helps them feel appreciated, what is even more gratifying is the text they receive each time their blood is utilized to help someone in need.

The officials believe a thank you text will encourage more people to donate blood (Credit: Stockholm blood center)

Karolina Blom Wiberg, the communications manager at the Stockholm blood center, believes that this small gesture not only results in repeat donors, but also, helps bring in new ones. The innovative program that was launched in Stockholm three years ago has received such positive feedback, that it is now being rolled out across the country.

However, Swedish officials are not stopping there. They are also encouraging local clinics to reveal the exact levels of the different blood groups they have in stock at any given time on their websites. This allows potential donors to realize that their pint of blood can make a difference in saving someone's life.

Blood donations are the key to saving lives (redcrossyouth.org)

While all these outreach programs are great, busy residents, even the ones with the best intentions have to be occasionally reminded. In order to jog their memories officials ask individuals for authorization to send them text, Facebook, and e-mail reminders. Though that may sound intrusive, the residents do not seem to mind given that the messages are light-hearted and fun - things like "We won't give up until you bleed."

Though Sweden is currently the only country utilizing modern technology to urge more donations, don't be surprised if more join in, especially if the Nordic country's blood banks start to overflow!

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  • megacharizardx
    megacharizardxover 6 years
    I think that people should donate blood.
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      unfittedrhyme64almost 7 years
      Lots of people don't donate blood because of one reason, In the body there is less blood. If you want to get lots of blood in your body you should eat vegetables, that make us healthy such as carrot, cucumber etc. Donating blood is a big process. The blood can be donated because they apply a injection and put a tube in the person who wants the blood and the person who gives blood. It will take a long time for donating blood. The heart Pumps blood because it has a special muscle. The blood is carried by blood vessels. The heart pumps blood to the lungs before to the body is because the blood will be purified and clean. The kidneys filter blood to make the bad germs go from the body, The kidney make a liquid called urine to make the germs go away from the body. When the kidneys don't work they use a machine called dialysis so it will act like a kidney.
      • fleek dogabout 7 years
        it is very important and cool so hank u sweden
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          more people should give blood to people
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            lets go!! This rocks
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              This is a awesome thing to do!!! I hope everyone learned something from this!!!
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                THANK YOU SWEDEN!!!
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                  • Puppies342 over 7 years
                    It is SO NICE that they are grateful! #THANKSGIVING! Sweden blood donors are GIVING life saving, and the people who were suffering say THANKS! How wonderful is that?!
                    • Puppies342 over 7 years
                      Wow! That is amazing! Saving lives is the sweetest, kindest, thing anyone can DO! That must be the best to have your life saved!