Antimon BMW Letron (Photo Credit:

Turkish technology company Letvision recently revealed a working prototype of a real-life transformer that will make all Autobot and Decepticon fans swoon! The company says the idea to build the Letrons came about during a brainstorming session to create a unique and futuristic project. It took the team of twelve engineers and four supporting technicians, eight months to build the first prototype, unveiled in late September.

Antimon in its full glory (Photo Credit:

Called Antimon, the life-size BMW Letron is fitted with hydraulic controls that allow for neck and head, as well as arm and hand movements. Though the first version of Letron is unable to walk, the engineers believe they can add the functionality to future models.

Tantal letron still in development (Photo Credit:

Letvision says the BMW Antimon and prototypes of Letrons featuring other car brands currently being developed, are all available for purchase. Given that the remote controlled car is not drivable in traffic means that Letrons are not going to save the world any time soon. But this tiny limitation is probably not going to prevent avid fans from snatching up these real-life transformers as rapidly as they can.