Adorable Pooch Fired From Police Force For Being Too Friendly Lands A Better Job


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Photo Credit: Governor of Queenland/Instagram

When six-week-old Gavel arrived at the Government House, the official residence of the Governor of Queensland, in April 2016, everyone thought it would be for just a short period. The adorable purebred German Shepherd was, after all, being trained to become a Queensland Police Service (QPS) dog to help officials chase down criminals. Given that five members of his extended family are currently in the force, there was little doubt of his success.

Photo Credit: Governor of Queenland/Instagram

However, just weeks into the puppy’s 16-week-long training, the enforcement agency decided he was too sociable to be a crime fighter and “fired” him. But as it turned out, Gavel was destined for bigger things. For when Paul de Jersey, the governor of Queensland, heard about the situation, he instantly “hired” the friendly pup to be the state’s first Vice-Regal dog (VRD).

Photo Credit: Governor of Queensland/Instagram

The newly created position, for which Gavel had to sign a special contract, is perfect for the friendly dog. His duties include welcoming tour groups and hobnobbing with famous guests alongside the governor and his wife at official functions. When on duty, the VRD sports a custom-made Government House coat emblazoned with the Governor's Personal Standard, the St Edward's Crown, and the brolga, the official bird emblem of Queensland!

Photo Credit: Government House Queensland/Facebook

During his free time, Gavel, whose tale has gone viral on social media, solicits belly rubs from adoring staff members and explores the Government House’s 10 acres of bushland! Sounds like the perfect dog’s life to us!


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    I have a 2Year old German shepherd
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      techfashion0315over 1 year
      Aww, so cute!
      • minecrafter68
        minecrafter68over 1 year
        that was to cruel but sooo cute you cant denie
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          awww, so cuuuuute!
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                sooo cute!
                • kittiesmama
                  kittiesmamaalmost 2 years
                  Baby is so nice and cute!
                  • reapuu
                    reapuualmost 2 years
                    I guess the police were sort of right to fire him (even though I wouldn’t have) because it could become a serious problem when Gavel is sent to take care of a robber and ends up being too nice to the robber, and then the robber escapes. But I am really glad that Gavel found a brilliant home and job.
                    • corgiqueen
                      corgiqueenalmost 2 years
                      This is so sad, and so cute, and so awesome all at the same time!! At first I was upset 'cause they fired him for being to nice. Then I was like, Gavel is so cute!! And the fact that he gets to receive belly rubs as a job is just awesome!! I love puppies!!!!!