Ruby, The First New Chocolate Variety In 80 Years, Is Naturally Pink And Fruity!


New variety of Ruby chocolate introduced by Barry Callebaut (Photo Credit: Callebaut)

Tired of having to choose between dark, milk, or white chocolate? Then you may want to try the pink-hued ruby. Created by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, the all-natural confection is the first new variety to come to market since Nestlé introduced the world to white chocolate in 1930.

Unveiled at a special launch event in Shanghai, China on September 5, 2017, ruby offers a new gastronomic experience, one that is not bitter, milky, or sweet. Callebaut describes the flavor as a “tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.”

Ruby chocolate gets its hue and color from a unique cocoa bean (Photo Credit Callebaut)

The Zurich-based manufacturer also asserts that no berries, berry flavor, or color are used to create the new confection. Instead, the all-natural chocolate gets its hue, and unusual taste, from the unique ruby bean. It belongs to the same species of cacao plants used to create traditional chocolate but contains a unique mix of compounds.

While Callebaut will not reveal the proprietary process used to extract the pink color and fruity taste, the company says it took their research team along with experts from Jacob’s University, 13 years to unlock the ruby bean’s attributes.

Photo Credit: Callebaut

Those looking to get their hands on the mouth-watering confection will have to be patient. The company, which has conducted several successful taste tests with chocolate connoisseurs in China and other parts of the world, is currently seeking partners to bring it to market. Callebaut estimates it will be at least another six to eighteen months before the fourth variety of chocolate is available to consumers!


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