Video Of The Week — WestJet's 12 Flights Of Children-Inspired Christmas Miracles

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Since 2012, Canada’s WestJet Airlines has been delighting unsuspecting customers with well-deserved Christmas cheer. The gifts, usually restricted to the passengers of two or three late night flights, have ranged from iPods to fulfilling even the most exorbitant gift requests.

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In December 2017, the company upped the ante by organizing a dozen surprise events to delight the passengers traveling on twelve flights departing from various Canadian cities. To help them come up with imaginative ideas, the company recruited kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Canada. As you can guess, the suggestions, while amazing, were not easy to implement.

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However, WestJet officials were up for the challenge, making even the most impossible-sounding suggestions, which included building a life-sized snow globe, a live ballet airport performance, and even a sit-down Christmas meal for the entire flight at the baggage carousel, come true! As if that was not enough, the celebrations were accompanied by a gift for every passenger lucky enough to be traveling in one of the twelve randomly chosen flights. The best part is, the kids who came up with the ideas were also able to participate and see their Christmas dream come true.


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  1. What has WestJet been doing since 2012?
  2. How many flights have the celebrations been normally restricted to?

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“As you can guess, the suggestions, while amazing, were not easy to implement.”

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(a) perform; carry out

(b) a means...

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