Japanese Man Sets New Guinness Record For Spinning World's Largest Hula Hoop


Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

The modern-day version of the hula hoop, introduced by the Wham-O toy company in 1958, has inspired fans to set numerous world records. These include the longest hula hooping marathon (74 hours and 54 minutes), the most number of hoops spun simultaneously (200), and the most number of rotations completed in a minute (243). Those unable to outdo serious hula hoopers in technical skills have turned to setting records using novelty hoops. The most recent feat, which involved spinning a massive ring, falls in that category.

On November 9, 2017, Yuya Yamada, aka Hoop Man Yu-Ya, impressed Guinness World Record officials by effortlessly spinning a 5.14-meter (16.8-foot) custom-made aluminum hula hoop. Though the street performer only had to keep the giant ring afloat through three spins, he managed to complete six full rotations. In doing so, Yamada successfully surpassed the record set by Ashrita Furman with a 5.04-meter (16.5-foot) hula hoop in 2010.

Though Yamada made it look easy, spinning such a large ring is not for the faint of heart. Instead of turning it using the torso as one does with the regular-sized ring, a hula hoop this big has to be spun first with the hands and then by running back and forth inside while it is still moving. Keeping the hoop in the air and the momentum going, is a precise art that requires perfect timing!

The Tokyo street performer, who often demonstrates his skills at local schools, is famous for enacting clever hula hoop tricks like running with the ring around his torso, spinning it vertically with both his head and backside, and keeping multiple hoops afloat simultaneously. Despite his vast experience, the 37-year-old was nervous about taking on the world challenge and practiced extensively prior to the big event. Upon completing the task Yamada said, "I felt the pressure of achieving this Guinness World Records attempt in Japan on this special day. I had to set a new record with all the other attempts taking place worldwide. This attempt has constantly been on my mind for the last few months, and I was hoping for a good result, so I am pleased, but also just so relieved to be a new record holder!"

Resources: Odditycentral.com, guinnessworldrecords.com

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