How Friday The 13th Became So Feared

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Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by millions of people worldwide (Credit: Jlloa/CCO/Pixbay)

For non-believers, this year's second — and final — Friday the 13th is just the start of a weekend. However, for the estimated twenty million people in the US, and scores more worldwide, that suffer from "friggatriskaidekaphobia," or "paraskevidekatriaphobia," November 13, 2020, will be fraught with bad luck. Though some of the fear can be blamed on the Friday the 13th movie franchise, the day's bad reputation began long before the film’s hockey-masked villain, Jason Voorhees, made an appearance.

The superstition starts with the fear of the number 13, or "triskaidekaphobia." Thomas Fernsler, an associate policy scientist at the University of Delaware, believes that the apprehension stems from 13's position after 12, which numerologists regard as a "complete" number. After all, there are 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Jesus, and so on. Hence, the number that follows is widely considered incomplete, and, therefore, "unlucky."

Millions of people worldwide have phobias of Friday the 13th (Greg Williams/CC BY-SA 2.5/ via

Donald Dossey, a folklore historian and author of Holiday Folklore, Phobias, and Fun, thinks 13 has been feared since ancient times when the Vikings lived in Scandinavia. A popular local legend asserts that twelve gods were enjoying a quiet dinner in their mythological heaven, Valhalla, when Loki crashed the party. The trickster Norse god purportedly provoked Hoder, the blind god of darkness, to kill Balder, the god of joy and gladness. To this day, many people avoid having 13 guests at a party. In France, some businesses even go as far as "renting" a 14th dinner guest, or "quatorzieme."

Friday's bad reputation is believed to be rooted in religion as well. According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Though it was not on the 13th, the execution occurred after the Last Supper, which was attended by 13 men, including Judas Iscariot, the apostle said to have betrayed Jesus. Many biblical scholars maintain that Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit on a Friday. The one unfortunate biblical event that is thought to have happened on Friday the 13th was Adam and Eve's firstborn son Cain's murder of his younger brother, Abel. Stuart Vyse, a psychology professor at Connecticut College, says, "The combination of those factors produced a "sort of double whammy of 13 falling on an already nervous day."

The number of Friday the 13ths each calendar year varies annually (Credit: Statista)

People who are afraid of the day experience symptoms that range from mild anxiety, to a nagging fear of something terrible happening, to complete panic attacks. For those working in injury-prone professions like construction and shipbuilding, the nervousness often results in a self-fulfilling prophecy, making them fear the day even more.

Surprisingly, Friday the 13th also impacts the US economy. Businesses lose about $900 million on the dreaded date as the superstitious avoid going to work, traveling, or making big purchases. As it turns out, their fears are unfounded. A 2008 study by the Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics revealed that fewer traffic accidents occur on Friday the 13th than on other Fridays. The number of fires and thefts reported were also much lower.

For the brave, the day may prove to be extremely lucky given that many retailers offer substantial discounts to encourage people to shop. So this Friday the 13th, venture out to your favorite stores and treat yourself to a bargain or two.

Happy Friday the 13th!



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  • kiwixd
    kiwixdalmost 2 years
    I actually don’t find this creepy but it may be because I am hard to scare ¯
    • akita_inu
      akita_inuabout 2 years
      lol ever wish your birthday was on Friday the 13😅
      • arloboi
        arloboiabout 2 years
        Wow creepy
        • unknown_user14
          unknown_user14about 2 years
          Well actually rosiek, I REALLY agree with you because... that's the day I celebrated my birthday. Surprise! Yes, I was born on the...bad and creepy wierd day, Friday the 13th, but just thinking about it... I do but don't (50/50 chances) feel like bad luck. And to be honest... I think it was just COVID-19 that we had to be quaintined on that day (and for the rest of the school year, including hurricanes everywhere). Also, my favorite day is Friday the 13th. Here are some upcoming Friday the 13th for 2022-2023: May 2022, January 2023, and (to celebrate the holiday with FREE CANDY/TREATS) October 2023. Every year (or so), I will becounting EVERY Friday the 13th!
          • unipug2
            unipug2about 2 years
            I am Catholic so the thirteen men thing makes sense.
            • karatehedgehog4
              karatehedgehog4about 2 years
              I get if some people are scared of it... but it's just a day. What's so creepy?
              • rosiek
                rosiekover 2 years
                TWO CRAZY THINGS..... My school shut down on March FRIDAY 13th, 2020. Why? Just guess. Look at the year if it isn't totally obvious... AND IN 2020, FRIDAY 13TH WAS DONALD DUCK'S B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel so sorry for him....
                • marypopcorn
                  marypopcornabout 2 years
                  I read in another comment that lockdown started on Friday the Thirteenth. Is that true?
                • super_frogbob
                  super_frogbobover 2 years
                  On Friday the 13th, I was going with my parents to my aunts wedding. We were more than halfway there when our car stopped working. We waited for a few hours in the desert, when a tow truck finally came. We had to stay an extra night in Las Vegas (were the wedding was) because of it. I defiantly think Friday the thirteenth is bad luck!
                • wolfy_blue
                  wolfy_blueover 2 years
                  I found out- August 2021 there will be an friday the 13th 😬
                • doggy-2o21
                  doggy-2o21over 2 years
                  that is kind of cool