Wednesday Is April Fools' Day!


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April Fools' Day is celebrated annually on April 1 (Credit:

Looking for a fun idea to pass time during this COVID-19 pandemic hiatus? Then you will be thrilled to know that Wednesday is April Fools' Day, which means that you can play a light-hearted prank, or two, without getting into trouble!

The origin of this fun holiday, which is celebrated annually on April 1, is unclear. Some believe it started in 1582 after the world transitioned from the Julian calendar, which ushered in the new year on March 25, to the current Gregorian calendar. At the end of March, tricks were played upon those who were unaware of, or refused to accept, the new January 1 start date. Others maintain that the holiday began as a joyful way to welcome spring.

Regardless of how it started, April Fools' Day has since become a popular custom that is celebrated worldwide by both individuals and corporations. Here are some hilarious tricks that have kept people fooled for hours, and sometimes even months, on end!

Virgin Australia's canine crew

Virgin Australia is well-known for its fun April Fools' pranks. One of the most heartwarming ones was in 2017 when the company introduced its new flight crew members — a team of adorable dogs. The believable video, released on March 31, showed the well-trained canines greeting, and, in some cases, shaking hands, with passengers as they entered the aircraft, keeping them company during the flight, and even saving their spot in long bathroom lines!

Cup Noodles headphones? Yum!

HyperX Cup MIX-IN was an April Fools' hoax from Nissin Cup Noodles and HyperX (Credit: Nissin Foods)

In 2019, Japan's Nissin Cup Noodles and high-performance product manufacturer HyperX unveiled the HyperX Cup MIX-IN. The unusual headphones allegedly provided music lovers the ultimate "sensorial experience" while they ate Cup Noodles. To create a seamless experience for gamers, the headphones came with a detachable noise-canceling Microphork, allowing players to enjoy their Cup Noodles without interrupting the game or irritating teammates with slurping sounds.

"Staying ahead of trends and infusing innovation into what we offer from Cup Noodles are at the core of what our company was founded on," said Jaclyn Park, Vice President of Marketing, Nissin Foods USA. "We are always looking for ways to elevate our fans' experience with Cup Noodles through unexpected and fun ideas, so when HyperX wanted to collaborate, we knew this was an opportunity to give everyone from music lovers to gamers a unique Cup Noodles experience they never imagined."

Eager fans hoping to purchase the limited edition devices online, found they were "sold-out," before realizing that the press release announcing the HyperX Cup MIX-IN was dated April 1!

Chegg Osmosis Learning Pillow

In 2018, American online textbook rental and tutorial company Chegg, unveiled a memory foam learning pillow that transferred knowledge into the brain while the person was asleep. All he/she had to do was place the required textbook(s) underneath the pillow while they were snoozing. Though that would have been every student's dream, it was, of course, just a clever April Fools' prank.

BBC's flying penguins

Penguins are known to be flightless birds. However, on April 1, 2008, the British Broadcasting Corporation reported that it had stumbled upon a colony of flying Adélie penguins on Antarctica's King George Island, and even released a video showing the airborne birds. The discovery had the world buzzing with excitement until the television station released a follow-up video explaining how they made the penguins "fly."

Be sure to let us know what fun prank you have planned this year — and whether or not it worked, by adding your comments below.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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  • weirdisgood2023
    weirdisgood2023over 2 years
    I put paper spiders in the bathtub for April Fools Day! My mom totally freaked out—she though they were real lol
  • chacewolfdragon
    chacewolfdragonover 2 years
    yuck. i have a prank 2. you will need tape 1 pice of paper and flower. tape the paper the lound way to the lis and the part where the lid closes. put a lot flower or even baby powder. when they open it they will be coverd in wight powder. follwo me if you think thaou whould be funny :)
    • stellar_wolf
      stellar_wolfalmost 3 years
      I have a prank!!!! First put chocolate spread on your hand then go in the bathroom and tell your parents or someone that you need toilet paper and ask them to get it when they get it take the chocolate spread and wipe it all over their hand!!!
    • videogamenerd
      videogamenerdalmost 3 years
      I liked every prank on the vids! And also the pics too!
      • videogamenerd
        videogamenerdalmost 3 years
        I have a bunch of pranks, but I'm only going to tell you three of them. 1. Get a fake spider and put it on the back of a toilet paper roll, then when the use of they will see the spider and freak out! 2. Print out creepy crawlies, then put the in the inside of your sibling or parents lamp, so when they turn it on they will see a gross surprise! 3. The last one is to get either a price of tape, a rubber band, or hairbow then put it over the kitchens spraying thing that is attached to the sink (make sure you point it where you think your victim will stand), once you do this your victim will get sprayed!😈
        • marypopcorn
          marypopcornalmost 2 years
          LOL!!!!! You're brave!!!! My mom would SO ground me for LIFE if I did that third one!!!!
        • i_love_books
          i_love_booksalmost 3 years
          I have a prank! you take a piece of toilet paper and put it on your hand. then you get it wet, and peel pieces off. then you tell your parents that your skin is coming off, and you tried to get it all off by washing, but it only made it worse. :)
        • sgsansy108
          sgsansy108about 3 years
          L.O.L LOL!
          • cocobean2300
            cocobean2300about 3 years
            LOL these jokes are amazing!
          • animereina2021
            animereina2021about 3 years
            Here is an idea that I just came up with that you can do next year for April Fools Day! Switch your siblings dirty clothes with the clean clothes. So they will actually be wearing the dirty clothes, and washing the clean ones XD
            • eeveegirl
              eeveegirlabout 3 years
              Did you know that penguins have knees underneath deed in the skin