WestJet Airlines provides holiday cheer to hundreds of people every year ( Credit: WestJet.com)

WestJet Airlines' annual "Christmas Miracle" videos, which capture employees providing much-needed holiday cheer to those in need, are legendary. Past "miracles" include flying in gifts and snow to the Dominican Republic and hosting a holiday party for a town devastated by a forest fire. In 2020, WestJet employees delivered 12,000 care packages with essentials and gifts to families hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the company wants to reunite families for the holidays.

WestJet employees handed out free airline tickets to help reunite families (Credit: WestJet.com)

In the video, released on December 6, 2021, WestJet employees pose as documentary filmmakers. They ask unsuspecting passersby what Christmas tradition they missed the most in 2020. Not surprisingly, for the majority, it was getting together with loved ones. Following the "interview," a WestJet employee, wearing the company's signature blue Santa hat, emerges from the back with free airline tickets to their desired destination. Be sure to have some tissues handy before you watch the tear-jerking footage!

Resources: WestJet.com